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Trademark for sale - EVTrader®.

Investors are always looking for the ‘Next Big Thing’. What’s the latest growth trend? Where wil consumer spend their money over the next decade? The 21st Century Industrial Revolution has already begun. Source ‘’ calls it “the next trillion dollar industry'”. Electric Vehicles (EV) may very well be one of the biggest growth trend over the next 10 years.

EVTrader® - Electric Vehicle Sales Trademark

EVTrader® - The Marketplace for Electric Vehicles --- Sell and Buy your Electric Vehicle on the worlds biggest Electric Vehicle Trader Platform

Buy and Sell / advertising / affiliate for all Electric Vehicles (EV) versions like – Electric Car, Electric Bicycle, Electric Scooter, Electric Motorcycle, Electric Truck, Electric Bus, Electric Golfcart, Electric Boat and Electric Airplane on one e-Commerce Platform. Connected and combined with all Electric Vehicle News ( Electric Vehicle Forums ( and Electric Vehicle Blog (

EVTrader® Trademark for sale including :

  1. EVTrader® Trademark Registrations - Europe (incl. Norway and Switzerland), Russia, China, Japan and Korea.

  2. EVTrader® TLD Extensions - All Top Level TLD’s and Country TLD’s for ‘’ (12 years old).

  3. EVTrader® Social Media - All Social Media registered

  4. EVTrader® Domain names - Over 400 domain names all related to the Electric Vehicles Industry.

  5. EVTrader® Database - Electric Vehicle Database over 30.000 contacts.

    Website ‘'

    The website ‘’ is just a ‘set-up’ how the Trademark EVTrader® could be present and functional on the Internet.

    If you need further information about this 'Trademark for Sale', please send email to : info at evtrader dot com

    The Marketplace for Electric Vehicles,

    • EVTrader® - The Marketplace for Electric Vehicles